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Vegan Culinary Course

by Michael Lachur
  • 8 classes + 1 bonus class
    Start your adventure with vegan cuisine. Learn how to cook wholesome, plant based dishes and how to create fully nutritious meals.
  • 40 recipes
    Get access to 40 recipes grouped into 8 classes. Each presents different section of food products.
  • Vegan Power
    Learn how to cook tasteful and nutritionally balanced vegan dishes from one of the most interesting vegan chefs.


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Vegan Culinary Course

8 classes (5h 05m)


Introduction to the course
Introduction to vegan diet: the classics
Eggs and dairy substitutes
Soups and sauces
Meat and fish substitutes
Grains and legumes
Nuts and dried fruits


Free Vegan Thai Cuisine Class
Course is available from any device with Internet connection

About Vegan Course

It will change your point of view, not only on vegan diet, but on nutrition as a whole. Michael will show you how to think differently about your meal. You’ll learn how to compose dishes, remembering about nutritional value of the ingredients, and prepare your dinner without any meat, fish or dairy. It will be no longer a secret for you which ingredients go together and why.

You will learn how to merge ingredients to increase nutritional value of meals. Find out which vitamins and minerals you should supply to your body on a plant-based diet.

Michael’s cooking philosophy and dietary compositions make his vegan recipes amazing not only for vegans but for anyone who wishes his diet to be healthy, balanced and very tasteful. You will find downloadable recipes, tips and supplemental comments to each episode.

It’s not only change in your kitchen, it’s a whole new life.

Skills you will gain

  • Composing vegan meals
  • Balancing vegan meals
  • Supplementing vegan meals
  • Substituting meat and fish
  • Substituting dairy
  • Preparing superfoods

Great value for someone who wants to either fall in love with vegan cuisine or strengthen their vegan skills. Michael's huge knowledge about veganism and healthy living, as well as balanced vegan recipes for tasty dishes make this course worth a while.


Hi, I'm Michael Lachur

I'm a specialist and trendsetter in the field of wholefood plant-based diets. I identify myself as an advocate for organic and fair trade agriculture. After dealing with some health issues, I spent a long time carefully studying veganism. In the Vegan Culinary Course I want to share my knowledge and skills with you.

In my work I combine traditional and revolutionary thinking, and experiments by mixing culturally-diverse cuisines from all over the world. Thought the years I mastered the ability to compose visually-striking dishes with a complete nutritional value and unforgettable taste combinations.

I see my mission to make people better, healthier, and aware of how everything they eat can have a huge impact on their life.

Free Vegan Thai Cuisine Class

In the Vegan Thai Cuisine episode Michael and his dignified guest from Thailand will teach you, how to prepare two famous Thai dishes in their vegan variations. You will learn how to prepare vegan Pad Thai with scrambled tofu and vegan Tom Yum with zucchini noodles. You will also hear about veganism in Thai cuisine and it's basics. This episode in free so tune in and get to know the basics od vegan Thai cuisine.
  • Get to know Thai Cuisine from vegan side
    Learn to prepare delicious Pad Thai and Tom Yum in vegan versions - Pad Thai with scrambled tofu and Tom Yum with zucchini noodles.
  • Watch Michael exploring Thai veganism with his dignified Thai guest.
    Thai cuisine, not associated often with veganism, is in fact a great basis for vegan culture and vegan living style.

Diet plans, consultations, public lectures

If you liked my classes and would like to learn more about plant based diet and vegan cuisine, you can hire me as a consultant. Please take a moment and review my other services below and write to me and my team to get the detailed offer.

Through the years I have mastered my very own vegan recipes and prepared healthy meals for myself and my clients. In the diet plan option I will share with you my knowledge and skills preparing daily/weekly/monthly meal plan just for you. Whether you are vegan, you want to become vegan or you just want to learn healthy eating habits, this option might be for you. So drop me a line to receive an individualized offer.

I also give consultations regarding plant based nutrition on variety of topics - including how to balance and supplement meals on vegan diet. If you run or plan to start a vegan-oriented or organic-oriented business - a restaurant, catering, food production and processing - I can help you to create menus, recipes and products.

If you need a lecture on vegan/plant-based nutrition, I can provide you and your auditorium with an in-depth look on this matter. Whether your objective is a detailed presentation directed on a selected topic or an overall on the subject, you can hire me as a lecturer at your event.

Write to me

Buy for a gift

If you wish to give someone an exceptional gift, something she or he will really benefit from, the Vegan Culinary Course is a perfect choice! A new perspective on nutrition and eating habits, as well as vegan cuisine.

If you wish to introduce someone to vegan cuisine or make them eat healthier, this course is a right choice! Michael's recipes are exceptional - loved not only by vegans but by people who haven't try to go vegan yet. He explains how to make super-tasty vegan food and at the same time give it nutritional balance someone on a vegan diet needs so much.

Give someone a valuable gift that may change hers or his quality of nutrition and life for the better!


Frequently Asked Questions

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