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Meat and fish substitutes

Most of fresh plant eaters miss the taste of meat or fish products. It’s probably because they are full of umami. That’s why we make vegan versions of all our favorite meaty and fishy dishes. Because if we can have all dishes we love in a cruelty-free way, why wouldn’t we?

It’s not the taste we have problem with. There are lots of packaged vegan meats and meat substitutes you can buy, but our goal is to eat less processed foods to substitute for meat. Meat and fish are good sources of protein, iron, zinc, selenium, iodium and Omega-3 fatty acids. Our goal is not only to prepare something that tastes like meat or fish, but also to have the highest nutrition density possible.

That’s why we mostly use tofu, tempeh, beans and legumes, all kind of mushrooms and grains. To enhance the flavor we add smoked paprika, liquid smoke, smoked salt, soy sauce and for fishy flavor sea weeds such as wakame, nori, kombu. One of the very first questions we hear is always Do you get enough protein? or Where do you get your protein from? We get it from the same source as animals – from plants. Protein is build from amino acids and if you know how to combine food to get all essential amino acids you want be missing anything.

Beans, legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts are the best source of plant protein and as a bonus they don’t have cholesterol. How much one substitute you should use instead if meat or fish? Generally speaking, when subbing a vegan protein for an animal- based equivalent in a recipe, use the same weighted measure.


Michael David